FAR CRY 5 - Fails & Funny Moments!

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East European Culinary Travels 2 - Magnus Ringblom
Helsinki Travels 4 - Magnus Ringblom
Hot Rod Rebels 3 - Victor Olsson
Lovin Life 5 - Stefan Netsman
Strolling In New Orleans 4 - Henrik Nagy
The Swamp - Gunnar Johnsén
Thoughtful Guitar 4 - Bo Järpehag
Trouble In Kitchen 16 - Magnus Ringblom
We Are Legends 3 - Rannar Sillard

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    I got this game yesterday it's amazingly fun everyone should play it. Specially now that is cheap

  • the_struggle_is_real ppl

    Im cruel in this game

  • enter.the.void.II

    All of this is because it's an anti-piracy feature. Ubisoft confirmed it

  • Jose Salinas

    Can't Wait To Get This Game When Get Out Of Work Tomorrow.

  • Cameron Mitchell

    3:58 is that the jail

  • Max a Saurus

    the glitches are what make games fun

  • Darth George

    Fuckin foreign fuck bags

  • Jaryn Bibb

    Note: Animals are bad, do not communicate with people near them

  • Dan Batista

    wtf with all the glitches

  • Tom Riddle

    "60 dollar game here" ungrateful prick.

  • blue tooth

    Sad that they can't debug games better then this, but its funny to watch!

  • FabLoveGA

    Can't wait to get this game.

  • Edward

    5:03 Neymar's World Cup adventures

  • James Bernadette

    6:25 Nawwww, doggo got a new friend :)

  • Santy1330


  • Emmyers85

    I got this game it cost 66 dollars at game stop now i only have ONE DOLLAR

  • Linkcm1

    https://youtu.be/nBdlfXp_GuICan you do like these?

  • jace samford

    Come ooooooon fucking English PLEEEEEEASE God fuck

  • Usaid Asad

    I have played this game it does not have this much bug there are very few bugs in this games

  • Patrick gta counter-strike

    Da frumos miros de part

  • XxJadenplys xX

    3:23 what's that song???

  • Alfred Cunningham

    That first part tho...OMG 😂😂😘

  • Joshua Cris Sullano

    4:00 if u love me then let me gooooo oooooo oooo(idk, k, how bout this? wake me up inside, wake me up.[fine, how about one more? When u suck at this game & don't even care anymore. :P])

  • Shelby buck

    Hi anyone know song at 6:22?

  • Klodian Çerpja


  • rob 998

    this game has so many unbeleiveable bugs.. but its still nice to play it

  • ItchyNinjaGiraffe

    1 vid my reaction WTF!!!!

  • Speedy Destroyer


  • testticklehead

    Best bugs ever in a game!

  • RadenUnslayable920

    0:16 We'll Be Right Back

  • Slav Bear

    I have never had a glitch, and noe i want the game to glitch so badly, it looks so fun

  • Darth George

    PC Master Race. More like PC Master Glitch, AMIRITE?! Thank you, good night!

  • Stephanie Preston

    one time a plane just dive bombed from the sky

  • Piloto_Fire

    cuando te descargas far cry 5 pirata

  • John Westbrook

    am i the only one who got pissed off

  • Cameron Mitchell

    5:24 I do that all the time lol

  • Tais Thaulov

    8:45 used to happen sometimes for me in far cry 3

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