FAR CRY 5 - Fails & Funny Moments!

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  • Tamas Egyed

    8:35 the sandmoose burrows into the sand and waits to ambush its prey

  • Brutus

    Odd... i went through the entire game, side missions and all, without a single glitch. I feel cheated

  • Christopher Case

    Honestly, I've not ran in to any of these, mainly just stupid enemy spawns. Must not be trying to break the game hard enough.

  • Neon Sadae

    Wait you can actually fish in the game? I thought the fishing rods were actually to beat someone with

  • mac aroni

    5:14 thats one way to do it....

  • Kaleidoscope

    Watch a couple of funny moments from "Far cry" on my channel ;)

  • Jaiden Schallhorn

    I haven't encountered any of these glitches

  • Josh Jackson

    Trying to find some people to Play this game with and do dumb stuff, any takers?

  • Maxx Matlock

    7:26 I just woke up my roommate. I laughed so fucking hard

  • Mitch

    Anybody know what track plays at 3:26 ?

  • M1nD Fr34k

    7:28 the real father

  • Mark Johnson

    LEGIT JUMPSCARE at the bear... WTF x D Amazing timing.Bear i give you 10 POINTS for entertainment.

  • Transformernerd9

    $60 game and your complaing about invisible doors?

  • Mekhi Samuel

    That bear scared the living shit out of me

  • Ryan Falcone

    and this my friends is why theres no rain

  • The World_Gaming Kcin

    3:24When You try Your Best, But You Don't Suceed !

  • The World_Gaming Kcin

    This Game Better Than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion And Skyrim Cuz It Had Gun LEL ^_^

  • I'm Jack's Smirking Revenge

    ubisoft... please stop making games...

  • Manó Sipos

    Don't mean to be rude, you did an amazing job with this vid, but it still fucks my mind up, that some idiots calls FarCry 2 "almost unplayable" and "buggy" and things like that... But let's just face it: FC2 is all right. In FC4 the co-op was full with bugs, but this one seems to be just pathetic... Am I missing the point? Why make co-op mode, when they're unable to do it right?


    Far Cry 5: A tale of cheeseburger

  • Xlord Playz

    9:51 latvian sent this clip.i think.

  • Aidan O'Donnell

    4:22 When Mrs.Frizzle found cocaine on the last field trip...

  • The Angry Capybara

    4:10 my friends do the exacts same crap 😭

  • rodrigo cahua

    Debe estar el disco rayado

  • Jānis Strupis

    Worth every penny xD

  • A random person typing nonsense

    11:43 thats meRead more

  • MeMonsta7

    01:41 - 01:50 famous last words

  • Joe Lines

    Never thought I would see a moments channel not dedicated to fortnite. Well done !

  • YamatoMan Nadeshiko

    9:54 Law & Order

  • Kyrvänsyylä

    It's a bird ? It's a plane ?NO !It's a ubisoft game !

  • Matt fournier

    I know a glitch that sends the flat bed truck and what’s on the back of it in the air like a balloon. It works every single time. The truck goes max height in game and doesn’t come down.

  • SpiderGamez

    How do I submit a clip

  • fooly cooly

    I also had a skinny van

  • Insert Username

    7:20 to 7:40 is Pokémon go

  • Jman Gaming

    Mods? Glitch? I don't know what's happening right now!

  • Allen Giles

    Oh Ubisoft.. how you have fallen into dipravity..

  • Steven Cole

    The beginning is hilarious

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    Bethesda leans back and lights a cigar..."See? We ain't the only ones who release games with dozens of bugs."

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