FAR CRY 5 - Fails & Funny Moments!

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East European Culinary Travels 2 - Magnus Ringblom
Helsinki Travels 4 - Magnus Ringblom
Hot Rod Rebels 3 - Victor Olsson
Lovin Life 5 - Stefan Netsman
Strolling In New Orleans 4 - Henrik Nagy
The Swamp - Gunnar Johnsén
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  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    When you're jerking off in a field and some crack whore in a white sun dress blows her cocaine powder in your face and monologues for five minutes about her history of drug abuse and how the cult that KILLS PEOPLE "saved" her. Yeah, way to make me annoyed and bumrush your boss battle, faith. Way to fukin go. You're dead now, I peppered you with Dragon's Breath and swiss cheesed you with a steady stream of 8mm Mauser from my MG42.

  • Lost explorer

    shit like this is exactly why i dont touch ubishit anymore. too many bugs and absolute laziness in developing

  • ~ Bright Romeo ~

    7.20 That is some serious yoga.

  • Richard Beach

    My Dad has this game

  • enter.the.void.II

    All of this is because it's an anti-piracy feature. Ubisoft confirmed it

  • The Real Josh Ford

    Come to my channel to see the most insane far cry 5 glitchNo click bate for real it creeped me outPlus its bull shit on the Jacob seed fight I died and he died at same time but the game spazzed and I didn't get to see his ending

  • 1SK3


  • FlipDip

    Why is cheeseburger on the thumbnail

  • Master Gamer

    0:03 that scared the heck out of me

  • Best Bacon Ever #1

    In this game, you can survive a plane crashing on you


    8:12 help me no one can save you me:ill shoot him, minion ahhhhhhh im superman

  • blue tooth

    Sad that they can't debug games better then this, but its funny to watch!

  • FabLoveGA

    Can't wait to get this game.

  • rob 998

    this game has so many unbeleiveable bugs.. but its still nice to play it

  • John Westbrook

    am i the only one who got pissed off

  • Alfred Cunningham

    That first part tho...OMG 😂😂😘


    I think far cry 5 was quickly finiched

  • ZeTingles

    too many people bouncing into the air ;-; (pls like ive never gotten a like by anyone but me)

  • Jreud Jerudd

    Your games are buggy and glitchy as shit.

  • jack Castro

    That first one was so funny


    8:44 gotta love the xbox frame rate drops

  • Stephanie Preston

    one time a plane just dive bombed from the sky

  • Tiago Carrete

    Ubisoft meets From Software.Far Rag Souls VI

  • lil potato

    Thank you so much I just got into a fight with some one and this one video changed my whole day I was crying so hard but now I'm laughing I can't thank you enough you don't know how much this has helped me thank you #mademyday

  • Boge Fusion

    What an epic random moment Bros XDGamers rise up

  • Pity Pancake

    Imagine living in far cry 5 world xD

  • Nelson

    5:02 DO A BARREL ROLL!

  • Taistelu - Jaska

    bugiest game ever in 2018

  • Braeden Tiemann

    I notice on ps4 the bugs are real..

  • Tais Thaulov

    8:45 used to happen sometimes for me in far cry 3

  • ItchyNinjaGiraffe

    1 vid my reaction WTF!!!!

  • Ze Ferreira

    9:38 my dick in the morning vs me trying to put it down

  • Cameron Mitchell

    5:24 I do that all the time lol

  • Bingo BangBongo

    I miss far cry 5 soooo much (i acvidently left it st my dads and i havnt played it in a month)

  • Jake Miller

    Bad thumbnail. There isn't a licking bear

  • Cameron Mitchell

    3:58 is that the jail

  • DoubleJ

    In the 30 years I’ve been playing video games, why the frick don’t I ever see these major glitches that you guys do? I’ve had very small glitches, but how do you guys get so lucky? Or are ya modding it and screwing around? I’ve never seen any of this my whole entire life. And I’ve beaten far cry 5 twice already and on my third go around on the new game plus on the really hard difficulty. I remember when the game was brand spanking new with no updates at all, and there were no problems at all and it ran very smooth. Ever since the updates it’s gotten worse for me, but not major stuff, just small stupid stuff. I say get rid of the updates...

  • Branden Cavallaro

    The far cry gods took over the far cry world

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