M.I.A. - Paper Planes

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Music video by M.I.A. performing Paper Planes. (C) 2007 XL Recordings Ltd. under exclusive license to Interscope Records
  • Corey Griffiths

    Young offenders ?????

  • Rob The Gamer

    Did anyone used to love this song and later forget but rember 4 years later and love it again

  • Jeiana Lottie

    Me 7 years old singing this not knowing what the lyrics mean

  • zorak

    noone on the corner got swagga like us

  • Derrin Richens

    Anyone thinking this is a great tune bc45?

  • Zeynep Korkmaz


  • Francisco Monteiro

    How is this already 9 years old? Time flies

  • MRcherrytomaat

    Shes not the type to ding this song 🤣

  • Cameron Pallatt

    Now we've got "I love it" and "Fefe" how times change

  • Michael Bradley

    October 14 , 2018 still going strong with this song .

  • Oscar Espinosa Salazar

    far cry 3 obviously :v

  • Jeskifta

    Algún mexicano (@) por aquí ?

  • Tilly Holmes

    The clash anyone ? This is still a good tune though. But she cleary copied straight to hell

  • Jorge Arredondo

    Shit defined my middle school years (2010-2013). I still love it tho

  • Felit :3 [SB] [Monolith]

    Me:Mom please give me some moneyMom:No.Me:PLEEAAAASEMom:Okay give you some*gives money*My brother:*BAM BAM BAM**AND TAKE MINE MONEY*

  • Ajporkchop123

    2018 aNyBoDy?how to get likes 101

  • Angelica Figueroa

    I can't unsee Brandon Calvillo humping Jason Nash on David Dobriks roof

  • Keith Jackson

    Is anyone still watching in 2018??

  • bennabi Rayane

    Slumdog millionnaire

  • tem interesney

    аааа, а припев добивает ска

  • zorak

    Anyone still saying 2018?

  • PornoTornado

    39K people had their money taken.

  • mossburg duck

    Still cranking to this joint

  • Brooke Dickmyer

    all I wanna do is UH UH UH CHA CHING BOOM BOOM BOOM 💥

  • noemie rara

    why did I find « this song » (that I can’t even believe it’s a song) now?

  • Adolf Hitler Pölzl

    How much bullets used on this video ?

  • Gaoboelwe Pelaelo

    All I wanna do is 💥💥💥 the take your money

  • Robert Paulson

    Middle Oct 2018 anybody??

  • Epiny

    theres a song that goes like "aa the wittle wittle wittle aa the wittle wittle wittle aa the wittle wittle wittle in my eyy in my eyy"does anyone know what that song is called??

  • Alyce t

    what a good song eh?

  • archiri geh

    Spear chuckin' warrior...lol


    Young offenders any1

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