Far Cry 5 – The Baptism Live Action Trailer

Behind every villain is an unremarkable person with a remarkable story.
This is about Joseph Seed’s journey before he became the Father, before Pastor Jerome was forced to forfeit his status as shepherd of the County's souls.
Discover what, or rather who, links the two men of faith; witness the birth of the biggest Far Cry villain ever created.

More info: www.farcrygame.com
  • Jamish Mcquo

    i just beat the game and im now laughing my ass off at everyone who says hes gonna be better than vaas haha THAT ENDING SUCKED COCK!

  • Asmit Basu.

    I have been playing far cry 5 for the last two weeks now. But before starting it.. i watched the live action movie and the two live action trailers on purpose. The chills were a necessity before starting the game. And boy, this far cry is the best in the series. I find it even better than 2 and 3. It is just an amazing game. Very enjoyable.

  • willc2k18

    wow these are some great graphics

  • tachanka

    Is that girl die?, i hope she dont die😣

  • Matthew Hunt

    Is no one gonna mention that the guy that played Joseph Seed is one of the Victims in Saw 5? the one that gets his arm shredded? No? okay

  • Aazius Krauze

    Sudden flashbacks, happens with the best of us. No hate for this guy, really.

  • Gandalf Kalashnikov

    This trailer looks like it's from PREACHER

  • Corvin O'Rourke

    By far the best video game trailer

  • Daddy Helix

    It's not like far cry at all because there isn't animals😐😑

  • TM Gaming

    Bro is that even animated


    Can't wait to beat his ass

  • Pimp Doggo

    When father was just a normal dude. I wish that there would be a dlc in which you meet father when he was normal

  • Dusstee

    First you kissed the father, then you killed his daughter.. dammit john

  • Wynch

    F Hell for a while I thought the real life footage was the actual game graphics. Well played UBISOFT

  • Drewwy

    any idea what the soundtrack is?

  • Ammanuel Afowerki

    Not your average game promo. Very creative. Well done DDB Paris.

  • Derek Fisher

    Anti-God/Anti-Christ propaganda

  • martin bell

    Yep because modern scum are vilifying religious people.

  • Árpád Kovács

    Trailer sound track name ?

  • Roemi Salden

    I want a Far Cry 3 movie with Michael Mando as you know who and Dylon O' Brien as Jason Brody!

  • Impersonal66

    1:46Now after I finished the game with bad ending, I finally understand why Joseph is crying here

  • Kaius Cezar

    Mocking Christianity, not nice !

  • Sirio

    Are you telling me that this wasn't filmed with real actors? That this is all computer generated?

  • Vitória keully

    Aaah velho que jogo foda mano

  • The Roo

    Blatantly modelled on David Koresh

  • *Ninja *

    The German voice is better

  • Harry Roks

    The fuckin graphics man!!Was that real? Or rendered? Cant tell

  • JJbeast -_-


  • Livu S

    ugh this ad played before sg I wanted to watch, I got interested I tought it will be a movie :D lol no games thanks X)

  • Zexalf

    That was fucking weitd

  • Koozomec

    Greg Bryk is awesome. See you later Officer Lopez.

  • Alex Kien

    Christian Bale is perfect for this role

  • Lauren Bartlett

    1:34 holy shit when he comes out of the water 😫😍

  • PhoneGames PIXEL8221

    New game engines looks amazing!

  • Richard Jude Thompson

    Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango...

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